Saturday, 20 August 2011

see you later dahlings ^^

1. for those who ask: it's NOT fake eyelashes. thank you.
2. ada error tidak diundang di link list saya, mohon bagi siapapun yang punya link saya di blognya lapor! segera dibetulkan secepatnya sesudah saya kembali ke blog ini :3

but i do leave you something(s) to read :)
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see ya later, fellas! wish me luck for my exams and strugglings in life <3


stranger said...

whoah! great editing on the photo! and beautiful eyes too!

claudyayrine said...

take a well rest ya, we'll miss you :))

Dellunee said...

aku punya link kamuuuuuuu....

eh itu matanya keren bangettttttttt 0A0
yaampun cantiknyaaa

pipit kucing (︶ω︶) said...

weeeew jadi inget ama E.T nya mama katy! :3

Ikatrina said...


ps : following u now, mind to folmeback?

Dokter Gigi Gaul said...

Wow, those eyelashes were realy enviable..
No wonder, "some" would call it fake :)

Greeting from doktergigigaul @MagaHaya..

Prima Nadia said...

hey non nih aku komen :3

Ifany said...

keren :')

inez said...

hi noni!
ini inez yg waktu enchanting day :p, aku minta izin buat linking ur blog to mine yaaa (tho my blog is nothing compare to urs T^T) well i have read almost half of ur posts, and i think we were in d same situation as... a runaway princess :p :)
cya nonai!

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