Saturday, 21 May 2011

this is breathtaking, really!

what's on your mind when you see

yes. paper.

maybe you'll fold it into boat, airplane, hat, crane, love, or other origami thingy.
maybe you'll write something on it, story, poem, name of someone you adore so much :p
maybe you'll draw some doodles, flowers, sun, stickman, whatever
or you just simply rip and knead it because you're in such bad mood.

but not with these freakin awesome people..
click on the pic for bigger size

i adore him so muuuuuuuuuuuaaaach :* :* :*


creepy but, 'wow'-ing isn't it?

one of my favorite


isnt it remarkable?

God, this guy is seriously something

details *truly awesome*


bloggies, this is from paper. in real size. i cant cant imagine if somebody steps on it.

i guess this guy has serious deep thought about death --"

isn't it beautiful?

seriously talented!

damn, this is gorgeous

what a marvelous work!

yes, people. this is only made of paper, and glue. with help of scissors. and gifted hand.


seriously, the details.. absolutely mindblowing

this really is from paper? like, reallyyyy??

maaati aku beneran mati gilaaaak bagus banget sih huahuahuaaaa ya nggak salah kalo mereka jadi kaya raya cuma dengan bikin karya seni. ini nggak cuma reeeeekk omy omy omy

breath, crystal, breath.

i'm somehow jealous.
but even if i can do that *wohoooo i weiiiiiishh*, i'm not sure my beloved country gonna support me #ignore

okaay so do you enjoy my post?
they've done marvelous job, isn't it? :)


dara.antares said...

oh dear God how in the world do they do THOSE thingies?? uwawwww :O

Anonymous said...

mateeeek uapik caaakkk

dianmarin said...

Good Lord, what a gift these people have. Standing ovation.

Bilal said...


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