Saturday, 21 May 2011

l-o-v-e ?

a stupid but beautiful shit thing called love..
what’s that actually?
we talk about it *yeah a lot. we sing about it *come on, look at your playlist, we read about it, we write about it, and we even often dream about it. but do we really now what’s that actually?
let me tell you a Greek myth *yes i love Greek myth, and i like to change it according to myself* with some *well, lots!* changes by myself. it becomes my love theory.
well then, let’s start.
Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love. Also known by Venus. She’s crazy in love with the Goddess of War, Ares. or in some areas is more popular by Mars.theory number one: love is unpredictable, it can happen to everyone. even if they’re really different.
unfortunately, she couldn’t marry him. she had to get married with Hephaestus (Vulcan) because of some reasons. theory number two: love is unfair, sometimes. just accept itbut sometimes she still met Ares quietly, well, you know what i mean.
she had 2 kids, they’re Eros and Cupid.
Eros was beautiful, sexy and attractive. nowadays its name becomes Erotic. a pathetic misunderstanding of love. you know what i mean? yeah. porn, sex, you name it.
Cupid, a bit better. he’s a very naughty boy at that time. he liked playing with his love arrows. he shot everyone. the God fell in love with human, the rich fell in love with the poor, the black fell in love with the white, and so on. and the third theory appears because of him everyone is deserved to fall in love to everyone.
did ya enjoy my story? i hope so. because i still have lots, dear ;)
now, let’s talk about this beautiful shit thing.
according to my opinion:
  • love is blind? no. it’s just blinding. and it depends on the us. can we control our feelings, instead of controlled by em?
  • love is selfish? no. because the main point of love is giving, not expecting the replies. seems hurtful, isn’t it? but that’s true love, dear.
"You know it's love when all you want is that person 
to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness."
-- Jean Zheng 
  • love is cruel? hey, don’t only see it by thin glasses. it’s not only about the relationship between two person. no, not that superficial. let’s refresh your mind. how about your mother’ kiss? your best friend’ hug? an innocent smiles, cute puppies, beautiful blossoms, the sunset moments, unforgettable photographs, aren’t they love?
  • then? well, i’m not the professor of love, ya know. maybe someday i’ll upgrade the list. have an  awesome (love)life, bloggies <3


dara.antares said...

hey ya goddess of love, missing those greeky mythology thingy times with you haha ;)

awesome post!

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