Wednesday, 8 June 2011

take a sip, people

Life is full of irony, isn't it?

When you do something good, almost no one remembers, but when you do a mistake, almost no one forgets.
When you shout, "Don't look!" Everybody looks, but when you say with excitement, "Hey, look! Look!" Just a few people turn around to where you pointed.
Or maybe, do you ever have those days when you tried to find something sooo bad, you searched it everywhere but nada. And what the f!! Few days later, or even few hours later, when you just sit there that thing annoyingly just appears like magic. (Hell yeah, this is from my personal experience xD)
When you bored, no one texts you. But when you're busy, your phone keeps beeping and ringing. Daa --"
Best enemies become best friends, best friends become enemies, lovely girlfriend or boyfriend suddenly becomes stranger, blah.
Oya, do you also experience some cases of my friends? they realize they love somebody when that person already left their life. Or just know how much they miss their ex just after broke up. And so.


It happens to everyone. Not only you. Life is hard for everybody.
Again, and again. I won't be bored saying this.
Life is war for all, never think you're the only one who has the worst life ever. Never think you have the toughest problem. Never think yours is the most complicated. Or you already think that you prefer to die rather than live in this miserable world?
Bullshit. Nonsense!

Please, I know I can't tell y'all to be strong just like easy. I understand how crazy it feels, how bad it feels, how sad and how angry you are. But at least, again, if you read what I wrote on sidebar *and I hope you do* I just gonna repeat it again here. think it like this,

Will that shit matter anymore ten, five, even a year from now on?
Or even in some months? Weeks? Days?

Do you really think you won't be able to love anybody again in your lifetime? In your age here?
Well, come after me when you already smile laugh again with your new boo.
Do you really think an F in your paper gonna destroys all your bunch As and Bs?
Well, I'll take a picture with you when you graduated STILL as best student. I guarantee.
Do you still think that you deserve to die?
Then imagine the faces of your friends, family, co-workers, schoolmates, teachers, pets, even maybe stranger that you don't know their name. They DO care if you die.
It happened to me once.

And now I'm ready to struggle in my life. With a new me. ME who doesn't want to end my life in any way except He already wants me in His side. Which means, at that day, I'm ready.
Ready to leave them with proud that I've done something for them, for myself.

But that day, is not today.


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