Saturday, 23 August 2014

I won't let you. you did not won.

Past always have something new to say, whether it's the news you want to hear or not, whether it matters anymore or not.
You'll get to hear the story nonetheless.
Mumbling. Annoying.

Past would whisper, tap you in the back, even grab you from behind. Past would sneak a peek from old messages. Past would try to make its way through people mentioning things. Past would try to hide behind some stranger's similar gesture. Past would tease you with songs you used to sing.

You'd shoo it away as white noise. You'd play another song. You'd close the book because you no longer reading the same page.

You'll keep walking. Ignoring.
You'll keep doing things. Ignoring.
You'll keep the box of memories stay shut. Ignoring.
You'll keep moving forward.

but for once,
you look back.

and it wins.


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