Tuesday, 23 October 2012

that day is today

one day,
there'll be moment when glimpses of your life flash before your eyes
and all of sudden, you start thinking,

how many time you've spent wasting and waiting
how many chances you miss
how many unworthy people you let them stay
and how many people you let go yet you should've fight for them

you start realizing,
how many hours, or days, you spent procrastinating
how many weeks, or years, you spent doing something you hate
how much part of your life you spent pleasing and impressing people
how many time have you wasted?

to me, that day is today,
when i realized how long since i've been writing, doodling, when was the last time i create anything, really
how long i've stayed in my zone
how long i've been feeling safe and protected
how long i've been thinking it's okay to be lazy because others are also trapped comfortably in their laziness

this is a big world
there's just too much to discover,
people to meet,
opportunities to grab,
lessons to learn,
experiences to earn
photos to take,

friends to make,

i mean, you get the idea. i should start my day now, and you should too.


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