Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"I studied that in school.. I swear!"

once, I thought, the main reason parents asked us to go to school is solely to give us activities to do. or perhaps because other kids do so, so there are no reason why we wouldn't do it.
I thought? no, I still kinda think so.

how many of us get our ass out of house every morning just for the sake of attendance? 
how many of us study for the sake of passing an exam? or GPA?
and after so many tests we got through, that even the ones we got A+, or 100, or ten out of ten, how many of the questions that we can still answer now?
how many of theories we learned that we can still remember word by word?
how many of them are worth studied, really?

I don't like to think of how many hours I've spent watching the clock, wishing the class end soon.
or when I was counting days, waiting for my favorite subjects to come.
or how many pages, or dates and years, or latin names, I've memorized the night before, just to write it all down yet I knew it'd all be evaporated once I walked out the exam room.
or how many times I let my mind wonder when will we really use algebra in our life.

I'm just glad that I know now.
We might not always remember what we studied,
but we will always remember what we learned.

I'm thankful. 
For amazing classmates and teachers I met.
For every chances I had to draw more doodles on my book.
For all inspiring stories I heard.
For the not-so-obvious lesson about managing time, bonding team, friendship and leadership.
For learning how to play fair and square by avoiding cheating on exams.
I'm grateful for everything I learned.

"Kita sekolah itu untuk menuntut ilmu." - kata semua orang, tapi nyatanya, kita sering belajar untuk menuai nilai. saja. dan melepaskan setiap kesempatan untuk menggali ilmu itu sendiri.


volverhank said...

sukses ya kuliah di amerika nya ! :D

Arya Poetra said...

What a great post! I Do love it!

Yang namanya belajar, bukan ketika sebelum ujian. Namun belajar adalah ketika sedang menjalani ujian itu sendiri.. Mungkin sama seperti itu. :D

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