Wednesday, 22 February 2012

i need new goals.

ah it's been awhile. sorry for my followers, and sorry for those who already left their footprints, i'll get my ass there *on your blogs, i mean, dont take it seriously wrongly* as soon as i have spare time. thanks for visiting, by the way, i'm honored. rly :)

what's new? i just started my new term 2 days ago and i have good feeling about this, thank god. and yah, so far i keep my promises and also keep making new ones, i need to be a better person. for real. better moslem, better child, better student, better girl, better friend, better team mate, better worker -ah ya, i work on some projects, wish me luck xD-

i just wanna share something, 2 years ago, i was really inspired by a blog of one of my senior. and i promise myself: i'll make a blog and make it as good as hers. i created blogger account, customize it, keep it updated, promote it to friends, write some good stuffs, join some bloggers club such as #KK -and met inspiring people there-, until now, i got more followers than her *alhamdulillah* and look what i've done to this blog? neglect it. and so so sorry about that, i promise i'll write more, both in english and indonesian.

i mean, at first i'm kinda proud of myself, and realize that i need some motivation to keep growing, new challenges, new tests, new competitors maybe, i can't get motivated only by myself. however, because my 2011 has been great, i met lots of new awesome friends -and guys, got new unforgettable experiences, got what i always wanted: freedom. i started to enjoy my life to the fullest, started to love myself for who i am, being grateful, and don't give a damn about other people's life.

is it good? abso-freakin-lutely.
but then i think i get kinda decreased, i mean, my skill, energy, creativity, innovation, all those good things i used to have when i actually have a goal.

just few days ago, i found a blog of an indonesian student schooling in singapore. she is a writer, a fuckin good writer, i'm not bullshitting. her vocabs, her tone, gosh i'm jealous to death. and she also reads. great books, which also totally inspires me a lot.

and there she is, a new idol -if i may say- a new inspiration even though i dont know her personally, never met her before but she friends with lots of friends of mine. what can i say? her popularity is undebatable.
should i make a new goal, to be a better writer in english, learn more and more and more vocabularies, start to really work on my grammar since my english isn't good enough yet (my english stays in mediocre level compared to my friends here in Singapore, you know, dont say that i'm exaggerating things). and yeah, i also have some other people to look up to, i got a super smart friend from India -seriously, remembering him and all of his A+ helps me a lot to study more and reach better scores (i still got some Bs, wish me luck again).

it's almost the end of 2nd month of 2012, and i havent reach anything yet except i spend more time with my family and start to love them more *which for me, it's quite an achievement. i'll read more good books, write more, spend time on internet browsing thru websites that are actually resourceful, pray more, smile and laugh more, and finding out who i am because i'm not quite sure yet.

sorry for the long post, but hey,
i'm totally ready.


Claude C Kenni said...

Don't rely on others too much, be your own inspiration, hehehe ;p

Oh yeah, about the singapore student's blog, can you share the address? Im interested, hehehe

Prima Nadia Sarah said...

Nooooon, this is absolutely what I feel right now too! ><

Milady said...

Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

outbound malang said...

good luck:)

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