Sunday, 24 July 2011

"i dont wanna hurt her." you just did.

boy, i'm a lil frustated here.
c'mon, tell me, what's so joyful, what's so interesting about making fun of a girl who loves you?
it's so freakin ridiculous that you don't wanna lose a fan, so you keep it. then you say, "i'm just being nice. you know, to a friend." or even that lame line, "i dont wanna hurt her."

man, sorry to say, your blabbering is bullshit.

if you don't like her from the very beginning, show her
if you think that you might like her, but not yet. tell her.
if you like another girl, avoid her. never make a girl a second choice, or even worse, make her a back-up plan.
if you don't wanna hurt her, don't hold her when she wants to move on or makes some distance.
and yes, idiot. you can still be friends, dont use that as your reason. be a gentleman. grow up. don't take her for granted.

last, if you want a friendship for benefits thingy or relationship without status, fine. but discuss it with her, is she okay with that? are you guys ready for the risk? no authority, no right of being jealous, it's about freedom,  and stuffs like that?
think as a man, not a little boy. such a shame of your age, dude.
"never show that you kinda have a thing for a girl while actually you dont. 
it's unfair that you keep waving from the bottom of the cliff, but when she fall for you, you run away, dont have any intention to catch her at all." - Venus Aretha
P.S. don't get me wrong. this is not my story, just inspired by three friends, who weirdly experience same cases today. hopefully it's not with the same guy.


vonn said...

Lucu ya. They made us fall for them yet they won't catch us.

Ratri Purwani said...

those guys should read this carefully!

Alvi Syahrin said...

I'm a boy and it's hard to 'speak now' sometimes. And it makes us hurt, too. Don't think that girls are the only one's that hurting. Boys and girls hurt somedays.

And this is simply beautiful posting. This is what girls want to speak and boys should read. :)

Claude C Kenni said...

Not all boys are like that =)

Venus Aretha said...

actually, there's also some girls who do this to boys .___.
so, it can be pretty universal. we all have that kind of feeling, "i'd rather hurt a little at first, than hurt so deep at last."
right? :)

Claude C Kenni said...

Kalo lu udah pernah ngalamin dan merasakan yg namanya sakit karena cinta, gua yakin lu ga akan melakukan hal di atas =)

Bilal said...

Setuju sama yang diatas. Orang gak bakal jatuh di lubang yang sama.
Noni sialan, aku udah baca yang bukan tentang gambar lagi. (?) haha
nice post!

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