Monday, 2 May 2011

falling in that L thing

you know, at first, years ago, it was just crush, being a fan kinda stuff. haha of course, what do you expect from love story of 13yo girl?
he was adorable, well, he still is. but after time passed and we became friends, we started knowing each other weaknesses. bad habits, silly things, stupidity, and so on.
do i like him lesser? of course hahaha, that's one big difference between like and love.
so, love. do i love him? yes. according to my definition, love is a feeling to protect, take care and make somebody happy. so the answer is yes.
but after these days, i just realize. the feeling is different.
i am falling in love.
geez, isnt it corny? i use that word 'falling'. auch.
i'm falling even more everytime our hands touch, i like it how i can feel so safe, so calm, i love every second that we spent together. sometimes it's getting awkward but, we enjoyed it anyway haha. so, yeah.
i cant believe that by this moment i even feel 'normal' with some jealousy, with some jokes about (actually) serious things, the way we  open to each other. it's actually fine if he still has feeling for her, nobody can really get over somebody a hundred percent you know. but at least i know that it's me who has that place in his heart, and he said that i'm the best. nothing else matters.

maybe if i meet myself in reality i will say that this girl is stupid and this girl should actually move on with somebody else. really.


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