Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hidup enggak selalu menyenangkan ya kan ya? *yaiyalah #tamparpipi

Enggak, enggak. Yang mo dibicarain disini bukan tentang hidupku akhir-akhir ini. It's been great, well, at least so far so good. It's just, some nostalgic moments, you know. Some magical, meaningful, yet hurtful moments. Momen-momen perjalanan hidup yang, yah nyakitin, tapi sekarang baru aku sadarin maknanya. Alasannya. Tujuannya.

Some moments which make me think. Deeply.

Sounds cliche, but I just realized that everything happens for a reason. I really stress on that 'everything'.

Can't imagine if that shit never happen, can't imagine if I didn't grow up struggling through that problem. Can't imagine if I really live a perfect life just like everyone thinks I do.
I won't be as strong as I am today.

Can't imagine if that day I didn't do that stupidity, well, I won't know who really loved me. And still love me.

Can't imagine if I didn't move to this strange yet educating place. Where I can learn lots of things. Where I become wiser and more mature. Where I find new friends. Where I start to know the meaning of missing, wondering and finally.. trusting.

Can't imagine if I never meet you, though I used to wish that.


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