Friday, 19 August 2011

don't make me hate blogging.

i'm not here to please anybody.
i mean, yes, at some point i do want to make some people happy, and feeling comfortable, and all.
but this is not the way it supposed to be, this is wrong.

i start writing to be read.
which is not exactly what i wanted to and i planned to at the very first time.
this is my personal blog, my territory. i'm sorry, but it is.
i actually against (pushing) followtofollow. sori, tapi pamrih banget kesannya, terutama kalo mintanya maksa. apalagi kalo kitanya yang harus follow duluan, baru mereka 'mau' memfollow.
i'm not looking for popularity. yes, damn it feels good seeing that stats bar and followers number raising up. but it's not my point of making this blog.

isn't it ironic that people came into a webpage just to leave their name in guestbox without even reading the content? i know some of you wanna pursue your dream, to be awesome blogger like benakribo or radityadika, but please people, do you have to make someone feel uncomfortable because of that?

someone just sent me a rude message to not using english as my main language in this blog.
i'm sorry, i'm Indonesian but living in Singapore now. and even far before that, i already use english as one of my writing language. and speaking.

some other people just scolded me because i didnt follow them back.

some other pushed me to write things everyday.

i appreciate that i have readers, some else even said fans. oh dear, i'm honored. really.
i cant be more thankful seeing those comments and knowing that some people enjoy my writing, or artworks.

but for those people, i'm begging you.
don't make me hate blogging.


Annesya said...

hai venus... udahlah, jadilah seperti apanya dirimu selama kamu asyik, da selama ga ngerugiin orang lain. jangan terlalu dipedulikan kata2 orang :)

yuk maen cublek cublek suweng *komenApaIniiih???

Claude C Kenni said...

Udah cuekin aja orang2 seperti itu...orang2 sok2 tau...tukang ngejunk...spammer...orang-desperate-pengen-tenar...

Just enjoy your life and write anything you like ;p

Dini said...

write what you want to write kak :) jangan peduliin orang2 kayak gitu ya. ganbatte!

Chilfia Karunianty said...

so sad I read it. don't despair, Venus. pernah ngalamin soalnya. mereka menghina tulisanku.
but, keep writing .. don't hear what people say. actually... they are "envy" of u. *spirit nulis ya.. :)

pinklestar said...

just ignore them honey :)

your life is your own. either your blog. it's not important to follow what people said!

anw, me too. i do not like some people visit my blog and then just left their comment on shoutbox "hey, i've already followed you. follow back, okey?"
oh.. Hate it! -___- except i love their blog. i will follow back them of course :D

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