Thursday, 19 May 2011

what i got from twitter :]

: I hate you then I love you. It's like I want to throw you off a cliff then rush to the bottom to catch you.

@viatumblr: If we never thank God for every smile, then why do we blame him for every tear? Get it together people. 

: When I'm SINGLE, no one notices. But when I'm taken, I'm wanted by everyone.

: Justin Bieber mendapat lebih dari 20 mentions setiap detik.

: The best feeling in world is seeing someone smile and knowing that you were the reason why..

: Dan jika kamu memfollow seseorang hanya untuk alasan difollow back, maka hilanglah pahala twittermu  :))

: Never wish you were somebody else because there are people out there envying you for who you are.

: Cinta itu bagaikan poni Justin Bieber. Dilempar kesana kemari namun tetap indah pada akhirnya..

 can spend too much time and energy trying to get along with others and please them. 

Life is like Twitter. You can’t control what people say and do. You can just follow or unfollow them.

"God, please create me somebody. If You already had, please make us meet. If You already did, please make both of us realize." - @venusaretha

: Allah tidak mengantuk dan tidak tidur (2:255)

There are 6,775,235,741 people in the world. Why are you letting one of them ruin your life? 

"..tak sadar akan kehadiran seseorang yang membatin dengan pedih karena sadar bahwa kamu telah memilih." - a

 are known charmers and have an intense desire for things such as love, sympathy and understanding.

That amazing moment when you were thinking of someone and that someone sends you a text message. - @AACRS

: Males banget belajar teori, mendingan belajar ngertiin kamu deh. (via 

: And I crave so badly to be allowed to drown beside you in such glorious love.

@venusaretha: just so you know, my patience isn't always ready stock. sometimes it may be pre-order, or even already sold out.

: When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart

love's making choices. It's either choosing pain for others happiness, or choosing happiness for others pain. -Linda Olsson /via @venusaretha

: The naked truth is better than a well dressed lie

: She's so fake, I bet if you look behind her neck it says, "Made in China."

: Pembuka makanan kaleng diciptakan 48 tahun setelah makanan kaleng diperkenalkan (Wikipedia)

: "I tolerate you better than I do anyone else" is the new "I love you."

: Sometimes were so busy asking God to fix things that we forget to thank him for all he's done. - 

: Don't waste time on someone who won't do the same for you.

love is a form of amnesia, during which a woman forgets that there are 1222978173 other men in the world. -Anon 

: you’ll never know what gonna happen next. but, always prepare for the worst scenario. :) and be ready for the HAPPY scene

: When it comes to love.. never say never and never say forever 

 : "Nggak usah janji, nanti jadi beban" - ungu violet 

: feels like doing nothing but am actually moving. how can i living a wasted life like this? big wow

: Jika kamu terus memikirkan hal buruk yg dikatakan oleh orang lain tentangmu, maka kamu akan merasa tersinggung selama hidupmu

: A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed!

@venusarethagirls, sometimes it's not only about how lucky you are to have him. it's also about how lucky he is to have you.

: Trying to find your phone when its on silent is one of life`s hardest tasks.

: I have a crush on your mind, I fell for your personality, and your looks are just a bonus 

: The man who is not looking for multiple women, is the man multiple women are looking for

: If he was stupid enough to walk away, be smart enough to let him go. 

: I should create a Facebook account named "No One" Then I can like people's status' and it will say "No one likes this"

: The most beautiful line is "..But, i love you". The most painful line is "I love you, but.." .


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