Thursday, 23 May 2013

Islam is Perfect, Muslims are Not.

Saying "ALLAHU AKBAR" while hacking someone's head. 
Talking about Allah and Muslims with your hand covered in blood.
People like you, retarded moron, are who sickening me the most.
p.s. If you happen to read this while not aware with the incident in Woolwich, UK. I suggest you did a little research before go through this :)

UPDATE: two days after this attack happened, a group of 3-4 guys (one of them didn't really do anything to be exact) confronted me in Grainger Market when it's about to close. To note, there are almost no Muslims wearing their attributes in town, so maybe I kinda stood out. When I finally left the pointless, full of yelling and bad words, one-way conversation, one of the guy angrily grab my arm and -rather than pulling it- he kinda squeeze and twist it. I can't believe I got bruises for this kind of issue. Things that I usually only read in Internet, newspaper, or TV and radio news. What the heck is happening to humanity and the rise of ignorance level.

This is a message for people who are ridiculously ignorant and just go around killing people thinking it is perfectly justified. Also for another group of people who just can't help but blaming the whole for actions of few.

Do what you want to do with your name at stake. Don't hide behind a religion -which is, by the way, you don't even understand it properly at all- and even say bulls like, "This is for God's sake, this is what God wanted." 

Now you senseless bastard. There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.

A true Muslim would never say thing such, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Your people will never be safe." with hands covered in blood. No. Oh and yelling “Allahu Akbar,” meaning “God is great” in Arabic, while attacking the soldier's head with knife? 

Utterly unacceptable. And those people should be ashamed. They should. 

Now, for you who thought that irrational act committed by a Muslim is for no other reason apart from the fact that our religion encourages intolerance and violence, that Muslims are people who come from a barbaric and savage past, whose existence is violent, whose religion teaches us nothing but horrifying extremism. 

Baby, there are 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. If the religion really teach us nothing but killing every Non-Muslims on their sight, they're all probably dead by now.

Also I don't get it why so many damn Muslim organisations coming out to apologise about Woolwich - why the heck do they (representing us!) need to apologise? I didn't do anything. We didn't do aything. Is the attack bad? Of course, and we're sorry. I'm brokenhearted as fellow human being in this funny place called Life. But not apologising. It's the individual who does that. Whatever religion he claimed he embraced, why have Muslims got to apologise?

By apologising in such a stupid way they are actually reinforcing the enemy's narrative, which is telling the world that these murderers did what they did because their religion makes them inherently violent and evil. They are acknowledging this fraudulent narrative, reinforcing it, supporting it and also apologising for it. 
What they are doing is basically standing up and saying "I'm sorry our religion makes us violent, but we're not all like that". No! Our religion has nothing to do with it. Period.

This incident yesterday was horrific, but it was not because Islam teaches barbarism, it happened because it was an extreme reaction to an extreme situation. These people did what they did because they wanted to get a message across, a message that tells the world that they felt sick of being oppressed, colonised, demonised, killed and murdered, simply for being Muslim. Which happened. Which are wrong. But what they did, how they react are also wrong. 

You can't beat ignorance with ignorance. Come on people, an eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.


pinklestar said...

i got it :) yes, darling. sayang banget karena sometimes ada orang yang melakukan violence, terorism, atau hal-hal negatif lainnya mengatasnamakan islam. Hal itu yang bikin sudut pandang orang sama islam negatif.

Ahdini said...

I totally agree with this post. I admire the way you speak up through writing.

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