Friday, 23 November 2012


I haven't checked my phone for hours, and actually, drive people mad because of that :/
anyways, the proper posts coming up soon. about the days in the UK, about my deadly deadlines, about AIESEC (wohoo!), maybe the musical i saw yesterday (it's so gooooodd! i can write pages of it, so, i better avoid it. no?)
point is, i will make new post this weekend okay? it's a promise.

right now i just want to share a tiny bit of what crosses my mind, back to few minutes ago, when i checked my phone and mbak Dian Pelangi, Wardah and DP Collections owner changed her blackberry display picture to a typography: to mom and dad, one day i will make you proud, i promise.

people. it's Dian Pelangi we're talking about. someone that i thought has ticked every bullet points in the bookrules of how-to-be-a-successful-moslem-woman. she's one of the most creative young designer, has inspired tons of girls to start wearing hijab, she's happily married and above all she travels a lot and makes a lot of friends. me included, even though she just happened to be in an event i was volunteering in Singapore, she's very nice though.

let's just say, it makes me think. a lot. it took me 18 hours flight to go to the UK. will this be worth it? can I make this worth it?
i thought, yeah I've been to a national conference with more than 300 people all over UK, and I quite made an impression as a delegate, but then i started thinking about all of those lazy days that actually I could make some use of it, to do something better, to do something more productive.
i thought about some professors i talk with after the seminar end and all the inspirations i've got, but also few of the lecturers that i sort of ignored during the lectures because i was simply distracted.

so it's not enough, Venus. it's never enough.


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