Thursday, 15 March 2012

things I adore recently

1. great fonts, especially handwriting (i love these pretty stuffs) and retro ones (this source is awesome).
2. colorful batik and tribal patterns. i never knew batik can be this colorful and candy-ish before :D (i heart her :'>)
3. soft-baked cookies. for those who never tasted it, it's kind of cookie, but not crunchy. it's like, so-so fudge brownie-ish, cake-ish, and cookies-ish, but it's just better.
5. catchy songs in various languages (..these!)
6. Nestle® Bliss yoghurt drink, especially apple-kiwi flavor :3
7. something pretty to see, but not really usable and edible (to me) like cute cupcakes and friendship bracelets maybe someday i'll be able to make it and find perfect style to wear it ♥

tell me yours! :)


ayrine said...

you'll adore this too i guess :)

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