Tuesday, 19 July 2011

birthday gift idea for a special girl?

this is actually one of my 'artwork' that i'm proud so much. this is dira's 17th birthday present <3 ..great party btw :D
she's girly, fashionable, dramatic, expressive, and yes.. she's one of my favorite friend on earth :*

so at first i was going to give her dress, but then it's just gonna be common 'cause i'm sure there's other who will give her dress, so i 'squeeze' my brain a lil bit and start thinking.
so here it is!
broken white lace belt *victorian style* + pearly lacey necklace + queen chain necklace + red and gold nail polish + just some touch of hershey's kisses chocolate almond :3

you can change it into a small box with colorful candies, ring, some hair clips and cute keychain, or earring probably?
or maybe teddy bear with a pocket of marshmallows in his hand..
you also can replace the pretty stuff and make it more casual with rainbow stripes socks, small notebooks, with a small (or giant, your choice) lollipop..

hey, all those included sweets, why?
because, daahling, this is sweet seventeen! well, you still can do it for sweet sixteen, eighteen, twenty, whatever. and second, it's nice to get something to eat when you open lots of gifts from other people, that's what makes you different isn't it?

hope this inspire you, something special doesnt have to always be expensive, isnt it? :)


Feby Oktarista Andriawan said...

Bener banget tuh pesan terakhirnya, something special doesn't have to always be expensive, mantaff..

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