Sunday, 5 June 2011

so, here's the thing ..

So sorry for those who I promised that i will update my short journey in Thousand Islands here in my blog..
Well, i can't make it since my dear blackberry now rest in peace because of my stupidity.
Hell yeah, i forgot that he's on my pocket when i go snorkeling. actually it's almost happened also the day before when i went diving in Sepa Island, but fortunately i remember that. BUT when the day after i went to Ator Island (btw, that place is like sink beach in the middle of ocean. So, can you imagine just standing there with fish around your feet and you're surrounded by dark blue wavy sea? Gosh, it's awesome) and.. You can tell, I just jump in there without any words. An hour later, a guy swam approach me and say, "sorry, but what's that on your left pocket?" "oh, it's noth.. (grab my pocket) shit."

Haha, so, goodbye my dear blackie :'(
(I already bring him to blackberry service hub but they say he can't be helped no more hiks)

Aye-nee-wae, happy birthday my sweetheart Hanifa Nur Rizkarima :* She's one of the most amazing person I ever met and the loveliest too. She's kind, clever, smart, innocent, pure, pretty, but taken ;) so guys, don't you dare think about it :p

Love you Rumsay :)


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