Monday, 27 June 2011

created on may 11, 2010 at 23:24:29

don't you feel sometimes we're not only being corny and lame when we're falling in love, but also abso-freakin-lutely STUPID?
we kept saying silly things, and we hold on to words that only mean something at the moment they are spoken. or written. and we inhale them like scripture. we want them to mean more than they do. for some reason we think it's romantic while it's actually make us look like idiots.              
there's no such thing as "I will always love you" or "nothing's gonna change my love for you" because love will find its way, we can't control it. love is actually doomed for ever-changing, it always changes, it comes and gone without any words, sometimes even without any signs. 'forever love' doesn't exist, there was just falling in love many times always with the same person.

- venusaretha


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