Sunday, 22 May 2011

last one :D #bandel

do you guys love my new blog appearance? :D
actually wanna do it with some floral and elegant-feminine-mature stuff but just realize that's not who i am. i'm not that pretty, i'm just simply beautiful *doooohh hahah efek not delicious body :p

been workin on it and ta-da!
patchwork background, owl thingy for header and title icon *wide eyes and stay awake till this time just like mee*, flags for post divider *i actually want something cuter, but this suits best with the background hihi*
some widgets are added too :3

i think i'll keep it like this for awhile :D

now this is truly. really. seriously.
good night :)


Fani said...

ini gmn bkinx mbak? header, burung hantux sama bacgroundx dpt drmn?

Venus Aretha said...

dari berbagai sumber hehe kalo mau backgroundnya tuh udh ada creditnya
keren keren tuh apalagi kalo mau yang feminin, floral yang ada sentuhan scrapbooknya dia punya banyak.
wish this help :D

btw, ini fani siapa ya? o.O

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