Tuesday, 24 May 2011


so dear ..


we may not chat everyday or thinkin of our times every single minutes,
but we already know that we care, we do care.
we may not have such bunch of photos of million hangouts 
but we already know how much we love each other
use your precious time wisely, spend it for something (or someone) worth it :p *you know who

stay happy, stay amazing, stay Vancans that i know
tho you're already perfect for me with ll your greatness and flawness i still wish you'll be a better person, girl, child, student and muslim.
may Allah always protect you and lighten your way.

p.s. semoga nggak cengeng lagi, lebih dewasa, lebih sabar, lebih pengertian, lebih ngga jelesan, moodnya ngga terlalu heboh naik turunnya, semoga tambah keren di sekolah nilai-nilainya tambah bagus-bagus PLUS berkurang malesnya, amiin amiin :D

*i already make this loooong sms text and send it at 12.00
and you know whaaaaat?
it wasnt sent.
because her number was 0853... in my phone. it's supposed to be +62853... since i send it from singapore x_x
so yeah, i was pissed off of myself buahahaha

our very first hangout, the first time we meet and we were like already being bestfriends for years :p
sutos, again :p well we love nyutos, aint we? :D

see how georgeous she is? *jealous* *envy* :p

with nadine. where? SUTOS! :))
we had such great great memories, sleepovers, cried on each other side, chats, laugh together, curhat moments
well i'm her bunda tho she's older than me huahahaha

we have BUNCH of other pictures, so do some photobox shoots, but it's not here T.T it's on my laptop in surabaya uurgh how i wish i can post that. and how i wish i can be there with her on her birthday! :((

well okay then.

soo last,

she loves Selena Gomez (well, after sleeping, eating, and cow stuffs :p)

xoxo, lots of love and hugs and kisses
your buncans :*


dara.antares said...

vani kembarannya nadine? :o

dara.antares said...

*maaf out of topic haha :p

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